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Business Card Printing Greeting Card Printing IC Card Printing Scratch Card Printing
  • Greeting Card Printing-1

    Custom greeting card printing service is always online, 24/7. Design your own printed greeting card, and let us print, address and mail your greeting cards for you.

    Item No:CPS-00000027    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Bank Card Printing

    We offer many kinds of customized bank card printing services, visa card, master card, discover card and so on. Any needs of bank card printing, contact us.

    Item No:CPS-00000028    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Lily

  • Business Card Printing-1

    Our high quality business card printing can help you to get more attention, which means more businesses. Discount business cards in standard and custom sizes.

    Item No:CPS-00000066    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Libby

  • Christmas Card Printing

    How can a X'mas be without colorfully printed christmas cards. High quality and unique design is what our christmas card printing has got, absolutely outstanding.

    Item No:CPS-00000067    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Libby

  • Frosting Business Card Printing

    Looking for a supplier who can offer cheap but good frosting plastic business cards. That should be us. Our frosted plastic cards are worthy of your trust.

    Item No:CPS-00000071    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Lily

  • Metal Card Printing

    Unlike traditional business cards, metal cards is more appealing and unique. And our cheap online metal card printing service can help you to leave an unforgettable impression.

    Item No:CPS-00000073    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Libby

  • Postcard Printing

    Every tourist will buy a postcard, cheap and meaningful. Want your postcards get more eyes? Purchase our cheap postcard printing services online right now!

    Item No:CPS-00000074    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Lily

  • PVC Laser Card Printing

    Id pvc card, pvc plastic card, pvc sheet printing,high quality PVC laser card printing are all available in standard or custom sizes and designs. You can design by yourself, or we can take them over.

    Item No:CPS-00000075    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Libby

  • Scratch Card Printing-1

    Except smart card, business card...we aslo offer various scratch card. Our professional online scratch cards printing is as good as our reputation. Order scratch cards right now.

    Item No:CPS-00000076    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Libby

  • Smart Card Printing

    Smart cards are used in many aspects of our lives, and we can print your smart cards in full color or you can just order blank top quality smart card printing .

    Item No:CPS-00000077    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Libby

  • Clear Business Cards

    We use the newest skills and the best material to present kinds of cheap clear plastic business cards. Only pay a cheap price, then you can get your own clear business cards.

    Item No:CPS-00000078    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Lily

  • Invitation Card Printing

    When sending out invitations to family and friends, selecting the fantastic invitation card printing is of utmost importance.Go through which can supply the best service.

    Item No:CPS-00000282    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Libby

  • Folded Business Card Printing

    Folded business cards can catch more attention and present more information of your company or yourself. Order our high quality folded business card printing to help you gain more business.

    Item No:CPS-00000283    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Semi-transparent PVC Card Printing

    Maybe you want to try something new? Maybe change your bussiness cards into semi-transparent pvc cards. Our cheap transparent business card printing can definitely satisfy your needs.

    Item No:CPS-00000289    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Libby

  • Plastic Mifare Card Printing

    Are you interested in low price for customized PVC PET plastice mifare card printing service in China printing service products for you bank or company? Or have any questions to ask,please contact our live support any time,we will try our best to meet

    Item No:CPS-00000670    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Lily

Classification according to the material used and the printing methodIt´s classified according to the carrier of the card. The most common carrier is the  alabaster paper but it´s not the only carrier since cards can be made with other materials. Paper for laser printing and offset printing are of different specification.  Digital card:It´s made by laser printing. Its features are useing specialized computer business paper. Before printing the printing is finished by the computer and printer and after printing simple processing is needed. The printing time is short and the printing done while you wait.Currently, at abroad color laser is usually used. Business cards can be customized according to the needs of users. The manufacturing effect is better than other business cards and it´s the most popular type of business card.   offset printing card:It´s the business card that made of card offset. Its features are useing special card paper box. The printing is random and the quality is good. After printing you can put them in the box for delivery. However, the printing of offset printing card is complex with lots of printing procedures. The delivery cycle is relatively long and the printing must be operated by professional staff. Before colored laser printer come onto the market, there are mainly the offset printing card,which now have been replaced by digital cards.  Special card: The carrier is materials other than the paper and it´s printed via silk-screen printing. Metals and plastics could be used as carriers.By adopting silk-screen printing,we can manufacture high-grade business cards.But the printing cost is high,the printing circle is long and the price is higher than paper business card. It´s usually used as personal business card and is not commonly used. The color of the card is bright but the resolution is not as good as paper business card. Color business card:It´s mainly makeup printed by 300g art paper . Then they are cut into small business card. The printing color effect is the same as general printing. It´s of various color,low cost and there is a trend of replacing general business cards. classification according to the printing color It´s classified according to the color of the printing ink.Every time when one color is added for printing, there is one more printing. The number of colors is one of the factors determining the price of the card. Three color form multicolor and if you want the color to be full and vivid,you have to use four colors to make true color. Offset printing card only needs three printings and it´s also called colored card. Single color: the card that prints one color. Single color is not often used in the front side of card and most is for temporary use. But the back side of the card is not the major side browsed at, single color printing is greatly used. Two-tone: card that print two colors. Since two-tone card can reflect simple signs and the price is medium, mostly modern offset printing cards use two-tone printing. Multi-color: Printed for three times. They are offset printing card or colored computer card that does not include or only include light-color pictures. Three colors can better reflect the business card logo,so enterprises that attach great importance to their image usually use three-color card. Due to the complicated overprinting and great loss, the price of three-color card is relatively high. Some three-color cards need to print light-colored picture and the plate making is difficult, so their price is slightly higher than ordinary three-color card.   True color: They are printed for more than three times, there are the offset printing card with pictures, card produced by colored laser printer and silk-screen printing card. True color card is the highest grade of printed cards,it perfectly reflects the thought of design of the whole card. If offset printing card needs to print pictures, plate making film is needed so that the details of the picture could be reflected. At present , with the popularization of the colored laser printer in the digital card system, this kind of classification is on the decrease since the most advanced colored laser printer  could make all the card above at random. There is not any question or difficulty in the printing.  classification according to the method of type setting Since different set types are used,we can make cards of different style .Some cards are foldable,thus called foldable card. While other cards are not foldable,thus called ordinary card, which again can be divided into the horizontal type and the vertical type according to the undersurface that the printing refers to. 1.horizontal type:The wide side as the subsurface and the narrow side as the height. Due to its convenient design and cheap type setting,horizontal card has become the most commonly used printing method. 2. vertical type:The narrow side as the subsurface and the wide side as the height. Due to its complex type setting and the fact that referable design information is limited, it´s suitable for individulized design. 3.foldable card:Business card that are foldable, there is a half more space for information recording than normal cards.  classification according to printing surfaceIt´s classified according to the obverse and reverse side of printing. Each card can be printed on one side or printed on both side.  The number of printing surfaces is one of the key factor determining the price of the card.  1.Single-side printing: Only one side of the card is printed. Only one side can completely reflect the meaning of the card. At present, most cards use single-side printing. 2.Double-side printing:Both sides of the card are printed. Only when one side is not enough to express the meaning of the card can two-side printing be used to enlarge information.

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