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  • Swaying Display Printing

    Sway display is very useful for promoting products. Its stream line design and endless turning like dancing. It offers maximum display presence at exhibitions, trade shows, retail display and events.

    Item No:CPS-00000170    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Recycled Cardboard Multi Wall Corrugated Paper Display

    We are happy to offer different kinds of recycled cardboard multi wall corrugated paper displays for your business. We are sure that our cardboard multi wall corrugated paper displays will add more chances to your business.

    Item No:CPS-00000856    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Acrylic Photo Frame Display

    Want your acrylic photo frame display attract customers back? Here you can get cheap price and professional design for acrylic photo frame displays.

    Item No:CPS-00000857    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • High Quality Make up Display

    We use the best materials and latest facilities to offer cheap and high quality make up displays to the world. Come to enjoy our custom make up displays, getting your ideal printing service.

    Item No:CPS-00000861    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Cheap Foldable Counter Display

    Foldable Counters are one of the most convenient ways to promote products anywhere! They are light weight, easy to carry and can be assembled only in seconds!

    Item No:CPS-00000868    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Colorful Snack Cardboard Display

    The colorful Snack cardboard is the best marketing tool to enhance your business, as they can be frequently seen on the tables of restaurants, bar counters, and hotel room side tables, etc.

    Item No:CPS-00000871    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • POP Display With Hooks

    We have the skills and equipments needed for POP displays with hooks and all the other cheap exhibition displays, quality and quantity assured.

    Item No:CPS-00000873    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Fancy Wooden Watch Display

    Our skillful manufactured fancy wooden watch displays and other exhibition display printing can ensure you a fabulous exhibition display ever. Always be your backup.

    Item No:CPS-00000886    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Customized Acrylic Wine Display

    Looking for a printing company who can produce customized acrylic wine displays for you? We can satisfy your needs with short time, modern design and superior quality.

    Item No:CPS-00000890    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Luxury Ring Boxes Displays

    With the newest technologies and skillful workers, we supply beautiful and well-designed luxury ring boxes displays which process super quality and cheap price.

    Item No:CPS-00000894    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Acrylic Cigarette Display In China

    Our acrylic cigarette displays are made of high quality material, and being widely used for advertising, displaying goods and promoting sales. All the colors and dimensions can be changed according your needs.

    Item No:CPS-00000896    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Window Leather Watch Box Display

    With cheap charges and good quality, we offer beautiful and upscale window leather watch box display, different size and colors available.

    Item No:CPS-00000899    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Single Acrylic Wine Case Display

    We can provide acrylic wine case according to the quantity and customer's request makes. We have so many years work experience and we use the most high quality material.

    Item No:CPS-00000903    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Shaped And Customized Transparent Pen Display

    Our company support all kinds of shaped and customized transparent pen display and other printing products. Any inquiry of our printing products will be welcome.

    Item No:CPS-00000905    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Large Corrugated Displays

    We have the skills and equipments needed for full color large corrugated displays and all the other exhibition displays, quality and quantity assured.

    Item No:CPS-00000907    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

1 2

The history during which the roll-ups are just showing stands has ended and now it has become the benchmark of the advertising industry. 

 Use Occasions of roll-ups

 Roll-ups are one of the most commonly used portable display tools in meetings, exhibitions and sales promotion, etc. 

The material of roll-ups and its type

1. Material: plastic-steel, aluminum alloy.  

2. Types 

Two sided roll-ups, desktop roll-ups, motor-driven roll-ups, foldable roll-ups,expansion link roll-ups ,drum-type roll-ups, roll-ups with wide bottom seat, round roll-ups,  and bud-shaped roll-ups. 

The products (printing, Penhui, gas model, display case, cloth marked scrolls, showing stand, umbrella, tent, foldable table and hair…) that roll-ups provide, including  promotional gifts series(business gifts or giveaways) all belong to display equipment or advertising material and are generalized as advertising. 

   The showing stand is often referred to as displays and the other advertising materials are not difficult to understand. 

   We categorize showing stands into conventional showing stands and unconventional showing stands according to the concrete type and property of the products. 

   Conventional showing stands: The size is conventional and frames must be designed and made according to the size specified so as to bring convenience to the installation of the supports and frames. The sectional materials that the supports use are mold open in advance. Currently the commonly used materials are aluminum alloy and RP (The so-called plastic steel). The cost of aluminum alloy is higher, about two times that of the RP. If it is allowed by craftsmanship, we can adjust the width and supporting height of the showing stand according to customers´ requirements, since big advertising materials are not suitable to be placed in some department stores and supermarkets. Nearly all showing stands compromise the frame and the support. For example, the X-type showing stand, the H- type showing stand, the L-type showing stand, etc.  

   Unconventional showing stands: They are unconventional, without fixed standard size, they are the products that are made according to customer requirements. 

H- Type showing stand: It belongs to conventional showing stand and we usually call it H display rack or H-rack. The reason we define it as H display rack is because viewed from the side, the support of its supporting frame is H shape. Its most practical sizes are 80cm in width* 200cm in height; 100cm in width * 200cm in height; 120cm in width * 200cm in height, which are the size of the frame of the H-rack after being unfolded. The craftsmanship of the frame is to describe it accurately or in silk-screen. The material often used includes PP, synthetic paper, photographic paper, etc. Its frame can shrink inside the box of the support with packaging bag, thus easy to carry. Currently, the common material of the support of H rack is RP, aluminum alloy. H racks are of varied styles and models and customers could make supports according to their requirements (The material of the frame and the craftsmanship is similar). The higher the grade and the better the quality of material, the higher the price.

 X- Type showing stand: It belongs to conventional showing stand and we usually call it X display rack or X-rack. The reason we define it as X display rack is because viewed from the side, the support of its supporting frame is X shape. Its most practical sizes are 60cm in width* 160cm in height; 80cm in width * 180cm in height, which are the size of the frame of the X-rack after being unfolded. The craftsmanship of the frame is to describe it accurately or in silk-screen. The material is PVC and if a large quantity is made, you can choose silk-screen frames, since the frame will look true to life and better in texture.  The color of the frame deviates little from the original design manuscript. Its frame and rack could be dismounted separately with packaging bag, thus easy to carry. Like H rack, it is suitable for outdoor display, sales promotion and advertising, etc. Its supports are of varied styles and models and customers could make supports according to their requirements (The material of the frame and the craftsmanship is similar). The higher the grade and the better the quality of material, the higher the price.

L- Type showing stand: It belongs to conventional showing stand and we usually call it L display rack or L-rack. The reason we define it as L display rack is because viewed from the side, the support of its supporting frame is X shape. Its most practical sizes are 60cm in width* 160cm in height; 80cm in width * 180cm in height, which are the size of the frame of the L-rack after being unfolded. The craftsmanship of the frame is to describe it accurately or in silk-screen. The material is PP and synthetic paper, and if a large quantity is made, you can choose silk-screen frames, since the frame will look true to life and better in texture.  The color of the frame deviates little from the original design manuscript. Its frame and rack could be dismounted separately with packaging bag, thus easy to carry. Like H rack, it is suitable for outdoor display, sales promotion and advertising, etc. Its supports are of varied styles and models and customers could make supports according to their requirements (The material of the frame and the craftsmanship is similar). The higher the grade and the better the quality of material, the higher the price.

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