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catalogue printing
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  • For europe market self-adhesive packing list envelope

    Are still looking for the full color envelope printing?we specialize in envelpe printing and can solve the printing problem for you.Design also can be provided if you need.The surface can be handled by silver/gold stamping,gloss/matte lamination,varni

    Item No:CPS-00005867    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Lily

  • For Europe market using full face print packing list envelope

    Envelope is widely used in our daily life.Here,we can provide any kinds of envelope you want.The material can be coated paper,art paper,kraft paper,fancy paper and so on.The finishing can be silver/gold stamping,UV varnishing,gloss/matte film laminati

    Item No:CPS-00005868    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Full color offset envelops printing

    Offset printing,digital printing,transfer printing and sublimation printing can be chosen also can be provided if you need.If you want you envelope look hign class,the surface can be handled by gloss/matte lamination,gold/silver stamping,v

    Item No:CPS-00005869    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Full Colour Printed Envelopes

    Here,we can provide any kinds of envelope you want.The material can be art paper,kraft paper,coated paper,fancy paper,white card paper and so on.The finishing can be varnishing,embossing,gold/siver stamping,foil,gloss/matte lamination,etc.

    Item No:CPS-00005870    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Full face print back load packing list envelope mailer

    Want high quality and cheaper price mailing envelope printing?Come to material can be art paper,coated paper,kraft paper,white card paper,fancy paper,etc.The finishing can be embossing,gloss/matte lamination,gold/silver st

    Item No:CPS-00005871    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Full face print Germany market packing list envelope

    Have trouble in looking for envelope printing? Don't worry! can provide you attractive any kinds of envelope printing.The size of our product is optional and the color is CMYK.The finish art is die-cutting,gloss/matte laminati

    Item No:CPS-00005872    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Lily

  • Full face print packing list envelopes

    Offset paper,wood free paper,art paper,coated paper and so on can be chosen for envelope printing.The size is customized,the printing can be full color/CMYK or pure color,the finishing like gloss/matte lamination,gold/silver stamping,varnishing,etc ca

    Item No:CPS-00005873    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Full face print self-adhesive packing list envelope

    Are you still looking for envelope printing?Here,we can provide what you want.Size can be customized,there are offset paper,wood free paper,coated paper,art paper,PP and so on to be chosen.The surface can be silver/gold stamping,gloss/matte film lamin

    Item No:CPS-00005874    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Full face printed for Europe market packing list enclosed envelope

    We specialize in making envelope,Varied finishing processes, such as gloss / matt lamination, spot UV, UV / oil varnish, foil stamping can be provided.Color can be 4 color offset print / CMYK. Size can be made according to client's requirements

    Item No:CPS-00005875    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Full face printed Packing list envelopes

    Here,we can provide any kinds of envelope you want.The size is cutomized,the material can be art paper,coated paper,kraft paper,PP,fancy paper,etc.The finishing can be silver/gold stamping,gloss/matte lamination,varnishing,UV spot and so on.

    Item No:CPS-00005876    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Full face printed Packing list envelopes enclosed

    Combined with our operational characteristics,we developed highly pragmatic and advanced ERP management system.Envelope size can be customzied,the surface can be handled by gloss/matte lamination,silver/gold stamping,UV spot,varnishing and so on.If yo

    Item No:CPS-00005877    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Gift card envelope

    Want gift card printing for the new year of 2012?we can help you to design any kind of envelope you want.If you want your envelope looks high level,the finishing can be gold/matte lamination,gold/silver stamping,foil,varnishing,embossing and so on,we

    Item No:CPS-00005878    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Lily

  • Gift card envelope any sizes smaller than C4

    Gift card envelpe is widely used in the new year.Here,we can provide any kind of envelope you want.Size is customized,color can be full color/CMYK or pure color,the material can be art paper,coated paper,kraft paper,fancy paper,PP and so on.

    Item No:CPS-00005879    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Gift envelope

    The new year of 2012 is coming nearer,want to make gift envelope printing.Contact us,we can provide what you can.If you want your envelope looks high level,the surface can be handled by gloss/matte lamination,embossing,gold/silver stamping.varnishing

    Item No:CPS-00005880    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Lily

  • Gift Envelope For Gift Packing

    Our envelope printing enjoy a high reputation from the overseas such ua USA,Europe,Asia,Australia and so on.The material can be art paper,coated paper,PP,kraft paper,etc.The finishing can be gloss/matte lamination,gold/silver stamping,foil,varnishing,

    Item No:CPS-00005881    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Lily

The annual agricultural exhibition is opening, and this is the good news. In the morning, I come to agriculture exhibition hall. At this time in the hall there have been many visitors having gathered full of the hall. It is as if people have come to the market. Everybody´s face turns on a smiling face. These people are watching the propaganda to come to the agricultural exhibition. Because the supply of goods in the agricultural exhibition is various and paperboard printing poster writes things and items which is rich, is almost the things which many people want to own. Agricultural exhibition is really attractive to see and find what they want. It has been received really so much the favor of people. I also took the promotional flyer examples conveniently in the hall, and this book is written in detail which has all the agricultural products. The items of the photograph printed on the full color leaflet are not only beautiful but also clearly to be seen. The full color glossy poster is vivid. For example, the fruit in the fruit monopoly region printed on the glossy art paper is especially fresh and inviting. Watermelon in pictures of the promotional flyer samples looks is green skin, bright red fruit flesh. Peach on the image of high quality printing paper appears full of water and is filled with the peach juice as if it is going to outflow, and peach is not only big but also red. It must be very sweet. It looks so delicious as if everyone wants to eat it. Apple in pictures of the offset printing paper looks good, and the delicious flesh is full of the very soft slippery feeling and tempting. It makes the people who stand in the hall want to run to buy a lot of fruit. A bunch of grape likes gem in the picture of the offset printing products. The green grape is emerald. The red grape is ruby. They are all vivid on the paper.Look at the posters of vegetables special administrative area made by the advertising printing company, and it is also liked by everybody. I took a book dedicated to see vegetables in person. It is said that this vegetable is good, and it have received a lot of people praise and favor. The printing pictures from high quality advertising printing services show the fresh vegetables. It is indeed that as we expected vegetable is great and fresh here. There are a lot of shiny green spinach, fresh cucumber, the red tomatoes, etc. The poster provided by professional ad print services also shows the attractive and fresh milk. You can see the section with a variety of milk. There are milk, milk candy, and the horse milk tea. The pictures made by the professional design and printing services and painted with the fresh milk show the drawing where the fresh milk is white and smooth just like white silk. There is a famous film star on the poster made by the offset printer manufacturers to advertise the products. The milk products are printed with the milk food safety signs on the packaging provided by high qualityoffset printing services, so its quality is no problem. Therefore it obtains everyone´s trust and become the safety food. That is right. Food quality is not only delicious, but also ensures the food safety. It is also very important for common civilian.In the center of the hall, there is a huge poster made by the professional offset printing company including all of the agricultural products, it make all of the products magnified so as to make people clear to see the products. It facilitates the people to see and search what they want to buy on theprinting gold color posters. And this kind of the poster with high quality printing uv coating can be put in the ultraviolet ray, and it is very practical. In the sunshine the color of the posters does not easily fade. In the wind and rain the color of the posters can last for a long time. I am very fond of the company´s design, and printing quality is very good. When you walk into every agricultural region every visitor can receive the issued golden color printing cards and from the crew, and they are very pretty and cute. On the card there is food company contact information and order way. It´s personalized and high quality services. To make promotional flyer is also a good helper to do sales promotion.The agricultural exhibition is very successful, and a lot of people have bought their favored products. Today some manufacturers have large quantity sales in the product and get a lot of business profit. In the agricultural businessman has a big harvest today. Customers also have received a lot of high quality and cheap products. They are also very happy. This is really busy but happy day.

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