New Letter Puffy Sticker
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New Letter Puffy Sticker

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All of the products from material,size to printing craft can be customiized accrording to your requirements,and you can turn to our on-line representitive for the details.

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Item No:CPS-00000999 Price:Negotiable

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New letter puffy sticker can be attached to a variety of objects such as cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, cafeteria tables, shopping malls walls and so on. We use top-of-the line printing equipment to offer you stickers of the highest quality!

1 Type: puffy sticker
2 Style: decorative sticker
3 Color: PMS
4 Size: 7X17cm,or customized
5 Package: 25pcs/bag

New Letter Puffy Sticker,Puffy Sticker,Letter Sticker,Sticker printing
Packaging Detail: Packed by carton
Delivery Type: By air or By sea
Delivery Time: By air:Around 5-7shipping days
By sea: Around 30-40shipping days
New Letter Puffy Sticker-0 New Letter Puffy Sticker-1 New Letter Puffy Sticker-2
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3 questions and answers

Hi Nancy not quite what I mean, can you make the photo bigger so no white in the backround please , I want photo all in back round no white
hear from you soon thanks Fran

By Anonymous


ok, so we just mix the pictures you send to me together, pls see the latest picture,hope you like it.

By Caroline   Any other comments, please contact live support: 
Caroline (E-mail:


I want to buy new letter puffy sticker to my relatives,but we all know that it is easy to fade,that is what we are worrying about.I want to know how can you solve this problem?

By Anonymous


Thank you for your inquiry, and pls relax with the quality problem,for we always put the quality of our printing at the top place in our work,and so do our team!we will offer you the highest quality sticker printing service, if you do not trust you at this first time, we suggest you send us your design and requirements, then we print a sample accordingly, you can make your decision then,any ideas let me know pls.

By   Any other comments, please contact live support: 


Hi. I was wondering how much it would cost for canvas prints from my digital files ? If I could get costs for 11inch x 14inch ,16inch x 20 inch, 12 x 12inch, and 8 x 10 inch. If I could get cost mounted or unmounted and shipping cost as well.Thank you.

By Anonymous


TKS for your inquiry about canvas printing!I am Libby.
Since you only need 4 pcs canvases printing with 4 different sizes, prices will be higher than that of large quantity.By the way, regarding shipping cost, could you pls kindly advise your delivery address for estimation?
And do you need these canvases urgently or not?
If not so urgent, we suggest to ship by EMS which will cost less than that by DHL or UPS but with longer time during mailing.

By Cherry   Any other comments, please contact live support: 
Cherry (E-mail:

3 questions and answers

Reflection Sponge Sticker

Hi Suzie: How are you?hope you are very well! Last time you said you would start the 5000 sew-in labels ,3 d laser first, but still no news about your payment; Have you get the invoice? If no, just let me know to resend it:) Hope we can make an early start; Good luck! Angie Hi peter: it must be the clear stickeryou want. it is sticky!! The size is depended on customer's design; Please kindly advise your quantity and size; you may send me your design if you have, that will be help for useful quotation Best regards Angie Hi Lyn: Have you got my mail regarding price of your kid room decor printing items? Shall we proceed to make an early start? I think it's better to finish and arrange delivery before the coming May 1st Labour hoildays. May I know your ideas? Await for your reply Regards Angie Hi Alexia: We have got your payment!! Attached is the printing file, please check carefully and make a confirmation! Card size is 85*54mm puffy cartoon sticker ,The middle two are for printing! The bottom two, which are in the color of red, are for gold hot stamping!! Await for your reply! Regards Angie

Hi Nancy,

Can you go ahead with this order for 3,000 stickers.

Before you begin production I need to see artwork first please.

Can you confirm that they are to be stuck on the inside of a car window so you can read it from the outside.

Also, the square where I have written ‘ To Write Expiry Date” needs to be in white so you can write on it and the rest of the back ground in white.

Kind Regards

Hi Nancy, Thank you for all your badge sticker quotes. With this new freight charge it is all getting too expensive and I understand that it is much heavier. I’m going to change the order so that the weight isn’t so heavy.. digital sticker printing, Single cardboard ( not sticking two together) 3 images Repeated twice on every cube And cut out Incl freight. I need the adhesive sticker to hold the shape without being that heavy. Sorry that this order is taking so long . Best , Sonia

Hi Angie,

Ok, I understand what you are saying…. I’ve looked into it, and can design something more for the paper decals, but would really prefer the other type…. I believe it’s called “one way vision mesh’ I know it would be more expensive but really did want to see if we could afford to do it that way as I believe it would look great? Could you tell me your thoughts please?

Hi Lyn: I'm sorry that your free sticker printing software quantity is very small and the designs are several kinds! Accoring to your printing file, I think if print on decal used for car, the sunlight may be blocked greatly because of the color of your printing designs; Besides, decals with pattern and semi-transparent are really common; they can realize the effect you want! If you go to shops to buy some, it is very cheap; however, if you want to customized print your own design for several piece, the cost will be very very high! So i do not recommend you to do that! How about paper decals? It will be much cheaper, but it may block sunlight! (the business cards and postcards will be delivered tomorrow) Waiting for your opinion! Regards Angie Hi Lyn: Thanks for all the fragile stickers detailed information, it must cost you a lot of time on it! I am carefully studying the information and figures you offered and discussing it with our technician I will mail you if i have any doubt about the decal Regards Angie

Dear Angie,

Pls advise on the below mail I sent you yesterday and also confirm that you have release the blank printing sheets to my agent in HKG for pickup today.

Waiting for you.

Best Regards


Hi Camille: The total number you ordered is 3550, but we made more 50pcs as sticker label templates that is total 3600 now. of which 3500 pcs are for your clients. Should the rest 100 pcs also to be delivered to UAE together? Please kindly advise! Best wishes Angie

Hi Angie

Thank you for all the information. We appreciate the 10% discount very much – your price is still higher but we are expect your quality to be really good.

We would like to order samples of our work. Do you print them on your normal offset printing the art paper sticker ? i.e. the same as you will use for the final work so we can see what the final printed item will be?

Also, in your suggestions for the paper that you sent me on 7/5/12, you suggested glossy art paper with glossy lamination for the car sticker, which we agree with, but in your updated prices from 14/5/12 it says the covers will be art paper, not glossy art paper. We prefer your suggestion for the covers of glossy art paper with glossy lamination.

I have attached a test pdf for the folder for you to see if this is suitable for your template. The business card slot goes on the left hand side with no cd slits on the right.


Can you please price the attached famous sticker document and return to us?

Many thanks


Hi Angie,

I do not wish to proceed at this plastic stickerspoint, I will be in touch if the situation changes.

I hope that you are well,


Hi Camille: I'm sorry that we don't have COO because you didn't require us to apply for digital stickersto related issuing agency. Now it's too late to get it. sorry for that. Next time, when you need, pls inform us before we quote. Regards

Hi Angie,

Yes…. I’m still working on them… it’s complicated as the windows are all different sizes so I’m trying to get exact measurements designs etc before I send everything off…so sorry. I can tell you the sizes of all the windows, but haven’t completed the designs as yet if that will help you come up with a window labels quote at all? We wanted the decals to be applied from the inside of the windows if that is ok…just don’t want people being able to get to them on the outside. Also, the invoice was paid today for the last order so hopefully you will receive that in your account by tomorrow J Thanks


Hi Nancy!

I still have to get the design ready.... Once I do I will send it off to you. On one condition..... You need to do it for $600! :)

Kane Jackson Sent from my iPhone.

Hi Nancy, I will hopefully let you know shortly. I am awaiting a decision from management about the adhesive window stickers. Speak to you soon. Thanks,


Thanks for the pics JJ

We liked the second option. The one with the rounded corners high adhesive full color printing sticker .

We need 2500 barcode sticker.

5 lots of 500 with different names but the same logo and layout.

Can you give me a total cost.

Don’t forget the 10% discount.

Please make it as cheap as possible so I can give you lots of Smiley faces!

Kind Regards,

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