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Outdoor Flag Printing

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All of the products from material,size to printing craft can be customiized accrording to your requirements,and you can turn to our on-line representitive for the details.

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Hoisting your flag and getting your message across! As an advertising tool in an increasingly competitive market, flags are becoming more and more popular. We provide you with vibrant flags built on the toughest of fabrics!

1. A variety of fabrics available
2. Default sizes: Custom
3. Printing options: Screen or heat transfer
4. Vibrant colors displayed on durable, moisture resistant, UV protected fabric

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Packaging Detail: Packed by carton
Delivery Type: By air or By sea
Delivery Time: By air:Around 5-7shipping days
By sea: Around 30-40shipping days
Outdoor Flag Printing-0 Outdoor Flag Printing-1 Outdoor Flag Printing-2
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5 questions and answers

Just give price for both fabric and paper, what kind of fabric and what weight of paper.
Make sure you put in price the complete flag with putting them on a stick.
Also, need price for shipping by air or sea.

By Anonymous


Hi Mr Jacob Weiss,
Thank you so much for your inquiry from I'm Alicia from Canon Printing Co., Ltd.(Beijing). We are a professional printing products manufacturer in Beijing, China. Our main products are flags, posters, flyers, canvas oil paintings, etc.
Before I quote to you, I would like to know where you will use the flags? Outdoors or indoors? If you will use them outdoors, the material of the flag should be fabric, not paper. And I would like to know if you will print the flag on both sides or single side?
Please let me know above answers, I will quote to you as soon as I receive your reply! Thank you!

By Shirley   Any other comments, please contact live support: 
Shirley (E-mail:


I want to order a couple of flags how do I go about ordering?

By Anonymous


dear sir, thank you for your inquiry, and you can contact our sales department if you want to place order of the flags and i will tell you the e-mail adress of, and you can be satisfied with their thoughtful service. Good Luck!

By   Any other comments, please contact live support: 


I never purchased flag print before. According to your experience, what size flag for my pole?

By Anonymous


2 yard (1.8m x 0.9) is the most common size and suits flag poles from 3m to 8m we have most countries and stock flags available in this size. 3 yard (2.7m x 1.35m) is for tall flag poles over 8m and 2 storey plus buildings. 1.5 yard (1.4m x 0.7m) is an alternative to 2 yard and looks as good but we do not hold all country flags and stock flags in this size. 1 yard (900x450mm) for waving or small flag poles. Of cause, we offer custom outdoor flags.

By   Any other comments, please contact live support: 


we are in need of cheap outdoor flags coz we just need them for one time, and can you print them with a price cheaper than you quote in the shortest time?

By Anonymous


our price is always negotiable,pls don't worry about that,and what you need to do now is just tell our salesmen your concrete requirements.and then we can print them for you soonest and send them timely.

By   Any other comments, please contact live support: 


Hello, I am looking for a number of outdoor flags. Can the default sizes be customized?Thx.

By Anonymous


Thank you for your inquiry.Of course, the default sizes of our flags can be customized.A variety of fabrics are available.The printing options that we have are screen or heat transfer. Vibrant colors can display on durable, moisture resistant, UV protected fabric.If you want to make an order, please contact us!Have a nice day.

By Angie   Any other comments, please contact live support: 
Angie (E-mail:

5 questions and answers

On some big events and holidays, we see people holding multi-colored outdoor printing flag writing words, like welcome to China in a cute letterform. Outdoor flag printing becomes more and more popular recently. The material for flag is made of paper and polyester. National Flag Company is seeking online the most creative designation of the enterprise logo. Displaying banner printing is a new pattern of marketing strategy. Flags and posters are both the most effective way of advertising your newly launched product. Just imagine such scene, in a university, thousands of students holding a red flag writing thank you my lovely teacher, I think seeing this moment, everyone on that moment will be tears in eyes. All I want to say is to make you understand the advertise function of outdoor flag printing.

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