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  • Wallpaper Printing-1

    Do you want to make your house more beautiful and loving? Please just come to chinaprintingservice, their wallpaper printing products would help you to make your dream come true with reasonable prices and best services.

    Item No:CPS-00000118    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Polyester Discharge Printing Velvet Curtain Fabric

    Are you finding a company to produce polyester discharge printing velvet curtain fabric? Don's miss us. Our cheap printing services have both good quality and outstanding design.

    Item No:CPS-00000655    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Large-scale Wall Paper Printing

    Why not make your room much more beautiful and comfortable with our large-scale wall paper printing ! With the help of our latest digital printing equipment,we can manufacture the finest quality high-impact wallpapers for you.

    Item No:CPS-00001124    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Large-Scale Decoration Wall Stick Paper

    Looking for a supplier who can offer large-scale decoration wall stick paper. That should be us. Our large-scale decoration wall stick paper are worthy of your trust.

    Item No:CPS-00001131    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Customized Abstract Non-Woven Wall Paper

    Are you looking for updating patterns easy to apply clean waterproof not easy to break customized abstract non-woven wall paper?Then chinaprintingservice is your best choice.Our products have been sold to USA,America Britain and other European countri

    Item No:CPS-00001774    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • High Quality Large-Scale Non-Woven Wall Paper

    With cheap charges and good qulity, we supply morden washable durable clear texture good breathing high quality large-scale non-woven wall paper and any type of boo printing that you want.our products has been sold to USA,America Britain and other Eur

    Item No:CPS-00001780    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Large Scale Vinyl Wall Paper

    With cheap No recycled raw material nontoxic, harmless, anti-aging, real 'green' products widely applied large scale vinyl wall paper and any type of boo printing that you want.Our products has been sold to USA,America Britain and

    Item No:CPS-00001781    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Large-Scale Cartoon Wall Paper for Kids

    Are you looking for environmental non-toxic nnovative printing technique different materials high resolution images simple and style design elegant visual experience large-scale cartoon wall paper for kids?Then chinaprintingService is your best choice

    Item No:CPS-00001784    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Large-Scale Decorative Wall Paper

    Looking for environmental friendly no-toxic waterproof updating patterns easy to apply clean large-scale decorative wall paper?We can satisfy your needs with short time, modern design and superior quality.

    Item No:CPS-00001786    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Large-Scale House Decoration Ink Wall Paper

    Are you looking for fire retardant waterproof sound absorption sound proof no pollution no public hazard pro-environment good breath eco-friendly no deformation discoloration corrosion large-scale house decoration ink wall paper?Then chinaprintingServ

    Item No:CPS-00001788    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Libby

  • Large-Scale Oil Painting Wall Paper

    Looking for waterproof customized pvc,non-woven,cavans,silk,suede large-scale oil painting wall paper?We can satisfy your needs with short time, modern design and superior quality.Our products has been sold to USA,America Britain and ot

    Item No:CPS-00001790    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • New Style Fiber Glass Wall Paper

    With cheap charges and good qulity, we supply pvc,non-woven,cavans,silk,suede high definition images environmental non-toxic new style fiberglass wall paper and any type of boo printing that you want.

    Item No:CPS-00001791    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Large-Scale Natural Bamboo Wall Paper

    With cheap charges and good qulity, we supply hand anti-slip plastic cotton&non-woven, gauze good quality competitive price fine workmanship well design large-scale natural bamboo wall paper and any type of boo printing that you want.

    Item No:CPS-00001802    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Fashion Hotel Wall Paper

    With cheap charges and good qulity, we supply non-woven customized colorful competitive price excellent service fashion hotel wall paper and any type of boo printing that you want.Our products has been sold to USA,America Britain and other European co

    Item No:CPS-00001805    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

  • Self-Adhesive Backdrop Printed Vinyl Wall Paper

    Looking for colorfast durable washable non-toxic environmental clear texture good breathing no damage self-adhesive backdrop printed vinyl wall paper?We can satisfy your needs with short time, modern design and superior quality.

    Item No:CPS-00001808    Price:Negotiable    Charging by:Emily

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   Wall paper is a kind of widely-used house decorative material. Since wallpaper has features that other house decorative materials could not compare, they have become quite popular in developed countries and regions such as Europe and America, Southeast Asia and Japan. These features are a variety of color and patterns, luxurious style, safe and environmentally friendly, convenient construction and low price. 

  At the beginning when vinyl wall coverings were first introduced, mercerized wall paper of glossy texture enjoys great popularity. At the later stage with the change of popular trend of house decoration, matte wall paper without glossy texture (cloth-like wall paper) took the lead in trend. Wall papers give stronger expression to colors and patterns and were well-received by consumers. Major vendors thus launched a fierce competition.
From the end of 1990s to the beginning of the 21st century, wall paper of woven design becomes the popular. As humans’ need for leisure, comfort and environmental protection increases, products that are environmentally friendly and natural will be well-received and consumers’ need for paper wall coverings shall further increase. 
  Paper wall coverings
 Paper wall coverings are made by direct printing on special heat-resistant paper. Its features are matte, environmental protection, natural, comfortable and warm. 
Vinyl wall coverings
   The surface of vinyl wall coverings is PVC in texture. 
  (1)  Paper back vinyl wall coverings
  Currently, it is the most widely used product.
 Its features include: a variety of color and patterns, low price, short period of construction, shows no soil and bears scours.  
  (2) Fabric back vinyl wall coverings includes:  
single canvas and non-woven.     
Textile Wall Coverings
   Its surface is fabric and allows printing and embossing. 
 Its features include: visual comfort, soft in feeling, sound absorption, ventilated, agreeableness, elegant and noble.  
  (1) Yarn textile Wall Coverings :Yarns or wires of various styles form the pattern and color. 
  (2) Woven textile Wall Coverings :There are the plain weaving cloth cover, jacquard weave cloth cover  and nonwoven cloth cover. 
  (3)Flocking textile Wall Coverings :Implant short fiber into the backing paper and a good texture of lint will be produced.
Metallic wall coverings
 It is a kind of special wall paper made of aluminum silk and its major color system is golden and silver.  
  Its features include: fireproofing, waterproof, magnificence and nobleness.  
Natural material wall coverings   
  It is woven with natural materials such as grass, wood, vine, bamboo and leaves.               Its features include:  warm and natural,casual,comfortable and environmentally friendly.               
  (1) Wall paper that is woven with natural materials. 
  (2) Wall paper made of softwood, barks, etc. 
  (3) Wall paper made of stones and fine sands. 
Retarding vinyl wall coverings
  It is woven of fireproof materials such as glass fiber or asbestos fiber.
Its features include: fireproofing, waterproof, mould proof, commonly used at airport or for infrastructure.  
How to measure and calculate the amount of wall paper to be used 
  1. Generally, it’s 2.5 to 3.5 times of your usable floor area. 
  2. You can ask a specially-assigned person to take ground measurements. 
3. Or you could calculate by yourself:  
The first step: get to know the specification of the wall paper
  The specification of commonly used paper is: 53 centimeter wide in width*10 meter in length=5.3 square meter  Register:The calculation of rolls need to take the loss of register into consideration.  
   The second step: measure the room.
  1. The height of the part of room that pastes the wall paper. 
  2. The width of the part of room that pastes the wall paper.
   The third step: get to know how wall paper is pasted.

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